Executive Committee

Linda S. Jamison 
CEO & Executive Director 

As the daughter of a Colorado judge and community activist, Linda was exposed at an early age to the struggles of low-income and at-risk people in Denver and the systems that affected their lives.  This exposure drove Linda to pursue a degree in Political Science from the University of Denver, and a Master's in International Communication from American University.

Linda has since worked to implement change for more than 30 years, serving in senior positions at the US Institute of Peace, White House, UN Office for Project Services, and at non-government organizations, including a 7-year stint as the founding Dean of the Leadership Academy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  She also has extensive experience as an author, speaker, panelist, and educator.

Returning home to serve her native city and spend more time with family, Linda joined the Denver Inner City Parish. She is excited to be leading development and operational sustainability for the betterment of Denver’s vulnerable community members.

Linda has served for many years as a volunteer and board member for human services organizations that provide meals, medical support, clothing, and after school care to people in need in and around the Washington, DC, area.

Larry Martinez
Associate Director

Larry Martinez first walked into the Parish on May 31, 1994 as part of the West Side Drug-Free Youth Team. The following year he enrolled as a student at the Parish's school, La Academia, and graduated in 2000. After a 2-year hiatus, Larry joined the staff as the Office Manager and Community Resource Coordinator, and has since held many positions. Today, Larry is the Associate Director of the Denver Inner City Parish and runs all Hunger programs, including the Food Pantry and Totes of Hope.

Savanna Hanson
Marketing & Communications Manager

Inspired by the community focus and compassion of the Denver Inner City Parish and its staff, Savanna joined the ranks in early 2016. Stemming from her background in animal welfare, Savanna's desire to amplify the voices of those who are so often silenced motivates her work every day. 

Charleen Ramirez-Mares
Principal of La Academia High School

Charleen has been a part of La Academia since she began teaching at the Parish's school in 2001. She holds a B.A. in Chicano Studies from Metropolitan State College of Denver and has worked in education for over 20 years. Her passion for social justice and experience as a first-generation graduate motivate her to foster a love of learning in her students.

Anne Kleinkopf
Pastor & Programs Manager

With over 25 combined years of community service - whether practicing law, community activism, volunteer management, or serving on nonprofit boards - Anne brings to the table many levels of expertise and compassion that equip her to serve those in need of spiritual guidance, systems navigation, and most recently, plans and resources for undocumented community members in Denver.

Anne oversees the Worship, Seniors, and Support for Undocumented Families programs.

Leo Alirez
Programs Manager,
College View Community Center

As a Denver native, former gang member, and Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC III), Leo is uniquely qualified to serve individuals struggling with gang ties and substance abuse, while also tackling larger systemic problems that lead to these outcomes. 

For more than a decade, Leo has helped those enduring mental and behavioral health struggles overcome them and lead successful lives.

Leo oversees the Life, Evolving Fathers, and Recreation programs.