One of the key activities offered at La Academia is Puentes.  Puentes, the Spanish word for “bridge”, is La Academia’s college awareness and preparatory class. The Puentes program provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring during a student’s junior and senior years in high school and their first few years of college to ensure that they walk confidently across the bridge from high school to college and successfully obtain a college degree  .Most students who graduate from La Academia are first generation high school graduates; frequently the idea of going to college is beyond the students’ imaginations. Oftentimes students have little support from their families to attend college. It is from this dynamic that Puentes was developed as a critical activ­ity at La Academia. It is mandatory that all 12th graders complete the Puentes program, which runs the full school year. Puentes is 100 percent volunteer driven.

Ultimately, La Academia challenges each student to take ownership of their education and character development.  Through ownership, the students are empowered to make positive changes in their lives and ultimately break the cycle of academic failure prevalent in their families.

To learn more about Puentes and La Academia, please contact Charleen Ramirez-Mares, Principal, at 303-629-0637 or Charleen@dicp.org.