La Academia Students - Be the change you wish to see in the worldPuentes – the Spanish word for “bridges” – is La Academia’s college awareness and post-secondary preparation program. La Academia students are empowered to take full ownership of their education and to plan for a successful future. However, students and families often need support and guidance about how to apply for financial aid, how to apply to college, and/or how to apply to other post-secondary educational programs. Some students don’t have the financial resources to apply to college even when they understand the critical value of a college or other post-secondary education. Through Puentes, students and their families receive individual mentoring and instruction as they apply for college or other post-secondary opportunities, financial aid, and scholarships. The goal of Puentes is to start a generational tradition of pursuing educational opportunities beyond high school. We provide the knowledge taken for granted in other, often more privileged, communities.

Puentes is 100% volunteer driven.

To learn more about Puentes and La Academia, please contact our Principal – Charleen Ramirez-Mares – at 303-629-0637 or Charleen@dicp.org.