Mission & History

The Denver Inner City Parish is a grassroots human services nonprofit that “welcomes and empowers people in need through support, determination and community.” Our wraparound services aim to empower communities, support personal transformations, and create self-sustaining lifestyles for those who are most vulnerable by equipping our clients with the skills and resources they need to break the cycle of poverty. Every year, we serve over 26,000 people across a multitude of programs offered at three Denver locations. We have been consistently renewing and enhancing lives since 1960. Our four focus areas are:

  1. Education & Youth Development
  2. Hunger Relief & Nutrition
  3. Community Enrichment
  4. Individual Empowerment

In the 1950s, churches that had historically provided human services to those in poverty in Denver began following their congregations to the suburbs, creating a gap in resources for those in need. To fill this gap, a coalition of churches formed a network of nonprofit inner city parishes across the country. The Denver Inner City Parish was founded in 1960, and currently operates as a non-sectarian human services nonprofit, offering food pantries, seniors programs, top-notch education, counseling services/resource connection, community engagement, and more to help lift people out of poverty.