Our History

The Denver Inner City Parish was formed in 1960 by a group of Protestant churches.  There was a time during the 1950s and 1960s when people, mostly Anglo, were moving out of the inner cities and into the suburbs.  Many churches left the inner cities during this time to follow their congregations.  Unfortunately though, churches had played a critical role in offering services and programs for people living in poverty in the cities.  Food banks, after school programs, seniors programs, and the like were often provided by the churches.  As churches left the cities, there developed a gap in meeting the needs of the low-income families who remained in the cities.  Out of this need a national Inner City Parish movement was led by a group of Protestant churches.  The churches formed independent human service nonprofits to continue the work that they had once provided in the inner cities.

Although formed by two churches, the Denver Inner City Parish is a non-sectarian organization, and all secular programs but one.  The Denver Inner City Parish continues to provide a bi-weekly open and affirming worship service that also has a hunger component built into it.