Life-Line Program – for Adults

The Life-Line program of the Denver Inner City Parish is located at College View Community Center in southwest Denver.  Life-Line for Adults works with clients who struggle with substance abuse and/or transitioning out of gangs or prison.  Services available through Life-Line include counseling, case management, prosocial activities, mentorship, resource connection, system navigation, career exploration, life skills, and job readiness training.

Gang Disengagement

  • Counseling
  • Case management and mentoring
  • Immediate and/or transitional housing
  • Tattoo removal and cover up
  • Clothing exchange
  • Career development

Substance Abuse & Aggression Replacement

  • Identifying red flags and triggers
  • Physiological cues
  • Coping techniques
  • Withdrawal support
  • Personal serenity
  • Relapse prevention
  • Positive replacement skills
Fatherhood and Motherhood

  • Child support and welfare system navigation
  • Custody dispute assistance
  • Career and education exploration
  • Family events
  • Supervised visitations

Life Skills

  • Resume and cover letter building
  • How to submit an application
  • Interviewing skills

Leo AlirezLife-Line is led by Denver Inner City Parish’s Leo Alirez, the Director of College View Community Center and Life-Line Programs. Leo is a Denver native and former gang member who has worked with at-risk populations and those struggling with substance abuse in Denver for over a decade.

Leo is a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC III), licensed with the National Gang Crime Research Center (NGCRC), and recognized as the second gang expert in Colorado. Leo earned his B.A. in Addictions and minor in High-Risk Youth from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

“For those living in a dark cave… sometimes all it takes is for someone to throw them a lifeline.” – Martin R. Lemieux

Please contact us at 303-350-5565 for more information about CVCC’s programs.

College View Community Center – a program of the Denver Inner City Parish
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Denver, CO 80219

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CVCC programs are funded in part by the Office of Economic Development.