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Education Programs & Scholarships

Even in the best of economic times, data shows college and certificate holders typically earn more and have lower rates of unemployment compared with workers who have less education.

Post-Secondary Education Scholarship

The Steve Johnsen Scholarship

The Steve Johnsen Scholarship, named after La Academia’s* founder, promotes the Denver Inner City Parish’s mission of loving and supporting individuals and families in our community and empowering them to break the cycle of poverty.

Post-secondary certificates and degrees provide pathways to meaningful and well paying jobs. The number and financial amount of the scholarship awards will vary by term and winners are encouraged to reapply pending continued enrollment.

*La Academia was an alternative community based school at 9th & Galapago in Denver that operated from 1971-2018.

Scholarship Program Impact

Each year we support 7 students pursuing degrees, certificates, licenses.



Important Dates

Applications Available – May 14, 2024
Application Deadline – July 1, 2024
Applicants Notified – August 7, 2024


  1. You must be in one or more of the following categories:
    a. Currently participating in a DICP program or have participated in a DICP program in the past; or
    b. A relative of someone who participated in a DICP program or participated in a DICP program in the past; or
    c. Currently an employee of DICP; or
    d. A past employee of DICP who worked for DICP for not less than one year and who was not fired for “cause”; or
    e. A relative of an employee or past employee of DICP.
  2. Currently enrolled or accepted for admittance to an accredited college or trade school and pursuing a degree or certificate at that school for the Fall Semester of 2024. You must be planning to take not less than three credit hours of classes (or the equivalent) at that school.
  3. Demonstrate a financial need for a scholarship by delivering to DICP a copy of a current FAFSA, Student Aid Report (SAR) or similar document. An old FAFSA, SAR or letter signed by the applicant, or his/her parent will not be accepted.
  4. For previous recipients of a Steve Johnsen Scholarship, you must deliver to DICP a copy of your grades from the last term you received a scholarship. Incomplete or failing grades DO NOT disqualify you from receiving a scholarship-you are still eligible! Transcripts help DICP record your progress and determine the best support for scholarship recipients.

Application Process

  1. Applications for a Steven Johnsen Scholarship are available beginning on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 on the DICP website.
  2. Applications and all supporting documents must be submitted online, emailed or delivered in person to the DICP offices at 1212 Mariposa Street, Denver, CO 80204 no later than 5pm on Monday, July 1, 2024.
  3. Upon receipt of your fully completed application, our program director will text or email you to arrange for a 30 min interview with one or more members of the Steve Johnsen Scholarship Committee.
  4. Applicants will be notified by text or email no later than August 7, 2024, whether they were awarded a scholarship and in what amount. Scholarship funds will be made available to successful applicants on August 8, 2024.
  5. Successful applicants will be required to meet with the program director one time during the Fall Semester to discuss their progress at school and any further support they might need from DICP.

Use of Scholarship Funds

A Steve Johnsen Scholarship may be used to cover the cost of tuition, books, school supplies and living expenses.

Past Recipients

Our Winter 2021 Recipients

Winter 2021 SCholarship Winners

Mireya Nunez
Mireya is a La Academia graduate and first-time scholarship recipient. She is pursuing licensure as an esthetician and is extremely motivated to run her own business and be her own boss.

Damaris Vicarte
Damaris is finishing her final academic year at the University of Colorado Denver. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing while working part-time. This is the third time she’s received the scholarship.

Rocio Anaya
Rocio is a former La Academia graduate and a current undergraduate at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a Chicano Studies minor. This is the first time she’s received the scholarship.

Stephanie de la Rosa
Stephanie is a former Out-of-School Program participant. She is continuing her freshman year at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is a second-time recipient of the scholarship and the first non-La Academia student to receive it.

John Mendez
John is a non-La Academia graduate receiving the award. He works part-time and is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Denver. The scholarship helps him manage a full-time class load while also working part-time.

Our Summer 2021 Recipients

2021 SJ Scholarship winners

Our 2020 Recipients

2020 SJ Scholarship winners