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Partner with DICP

Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.

–Ryunosuke Satoro

Partner with Denver Inner City Parish to move from best intentions to real life action.

Our Partners:

We can accommodate our partners’ in kind donations, funding campaigns and group volunteering opportunities to suit their needs and the schedules of their employees.

Doing More As Partners

Let’s Expand Our Reach - Together!

Denver Inner City Parish deeply values and appreciates the collaboration of our partners.

Working together, we:

A united approach means Denver Inner City Parish can address a broader spectrum of needs and foster a stronger, more resilient community.

Partner Opportunities

What Does Partnering Look Like?

Through a systematic approach, DICP made a lasting impact on the health and wellness of our school community. Our Healthy School Partnership has made a lasting, positive difference in the lives of our students! I am grateful for what this partnership has brought to us at CMS!

–Molly Eldredge, CMS Community School