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You’ve heard the phrase, follow the money, right?

If you follow the money donated by individuals, organizations, foundations and churches, you’ll see a direct connection to the smile of a young child awaiting a dinner they might otherwise skip. Or a newly arrived immigrant’s relief at receiving their Colorado ID card.

Donations make up nearly 37% of DICP’s total budget

We believe that any money not directly funding our programs should be spent in a restrained and frugal manner. The best charities to donate to show transparency in their annual reports.

Donations are where the rubber meets the road and where mission statements materialize.

Every donation, no matter the frequency or amount, is put immediately to use in one of our seven program areas and ensures dedicated staff resources are allocated.

We are responsible stewards of your donations

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Company Matching Donations

Double Your Impact With Employer Matching Contributions! Company matching donations have a year end reporting deadline, so you may even be able to match a donation you’ve already made this year. Check with your employer to see if they participate.

Denver Inner City Parish is a proud partner agency with the Colorado Gives Foundation.

When you donate online, make sure to keep/print a copy of your email receipt to make it easier for deducting charitable donations come tax time.

We Appreciate Our Donors!

Thank you for considering a donation to Denver Inner City Parish. Together we can provide more for our community .