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VeggieRx & Greens-n-Grains in Action!

Denver Inner City Parish staff recently spoke with Molly Eldredge, Dean of Culture

& Family and Community Liaison at Charles M. Schenck Community Elementary School, about their partnership with DICP’s health and nutrition programs.

Here’s what she had to say:

On DICP’s youth VeggieRX classes:

The program has made a tremendous difference for our kids and families. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity for our kids. They love to go to the class. They love to learn new recipes, healthy recipes, recipes that they can make on their own, and how to eat all the colors of the rainbow. They’re learning how to eat from the earth. It matches well with our school’s focus on health. We’re also getting a school garden this year, and classes are a great compliment.

On DICP’s parent VeggieRX classes:

We really appreciate the adult class. It brings together community parents and creates fellowship. We love the program because it focuses on health and nutrition, being together as a family, and experiencing nature. The adult classes are helpful in building out our resource center offerings.

On DICP’s Greens-N-Grains Food Truck:

The truck comes on Wednesdays, and the kids love it. One 5th grader looks forward to it every week and asks if the truck is here. The food is healthy and interesting. I’ve seen the kids trying and liking cauliflower which is awesome. The parents love it too. They see their kids trying new foods which give them ideas for meals at home. It’s a real community gift.

DICP is appreciative of our partnership with CMS! We love facilitating classes with kids and adults and are just as excited as the kids to bring the food truck. Reach out to us if you are interested in bringing VeggieRx or Greens-N-Grains to your community!